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This is a web site supposedly maintained by 2 individuals, John Hopkins and Marc Rauer, although Marc Rauer has been dominant in postings. Marc maintains a computer lab using a spare bedroom in his condo in the Valley Forge area while John utilizes part of his garage in his home in the Phoenixville area. They generally meet at a neutral spot, The Valley Forge Barnes and Noble, to discuss issues similar to what is on this web page.

This web site's original aim was to compare the new Windows 7 operating system to the latest version of Ubuntu, and while some of this research has made it to this page, the site is evolving into 2 paths - one dealing with discussions of what Marc Rauer has been seeing in one aspect of his consulting activities and the other path involving what he has been discussing with students at classes at Community College Of Philadelphia. Therefore, on one hand, he hopes to impart some knowledge developed dealing with what is generically designated as computers and their problems. On the other hand, there are discussions about software generally related to Office 2007. Marc Rauer (and we are sure that he is joined by John Hopkins) hopes you can take these discussions on particular problems and resolve an issue affecting your computer system. Understand that in the computer industry, the resolution of one problem only leads to the next problem that awaits inquiry and resolution.

Below are some photos of a visit to Barnes and Noble during a respite from the snow storms in Feb'10. Pictured below are Phil Walsh who's the manager of the coffee bar, Paul Collins who frequents the coffee bar most weeks, John Hopkins and Marc Rauer - the principals of this web site - and at the end of the these pictures you can see John Hopkins being served by Andrew Jackson. In these pictures are some others who are, no doubt, in the Barnes and Noble coffee bar in Valley Forge discussing computer technology that will appear on their web pages.

Before displaying the topics dealt with on this web site, Marc Rauer has been busy this summer and we want readers to know that come September, several new discussions on computer problems will appear on this site. In the interim, in a class he is teaching this summer, one student asked about pictures being put on the internet and Marc Rauer did a tutorial on picture placement in an html script for his class that he put on his other website, that he uses for his classes. No doubt, a variation of this will at sometime in the future appear on a button below, but in the mean time if this is of interest to you, you can click here to see this tutorial that deals with picture placement in a script.

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Resolving a specific disk problem This section discusses and shows the use of the BYTECC device for reading unattached hard drives.
Power cable concerns for portables Use of a "universal" power adapter for laptops
About CD's Answer to an Email about home created CDs using laser burners
Dealing with print servers on a wired network Print servers are useful for the home office. Intalling them may not be so easy but here is an example of a successful install
Using a single terminal to control 2 computers This is useful for space considerations as it utilizes a single video terminal to control 2 computers
Dealing with video drivers and video accelerators. Get a little more throughput from your video terminal
Building a Machine from scratch Watch a PC be created from scratch
Using Microsoft Outlook express(XP) or Microsoft Mail (Vista) to replace Verizon's web mail There are always questions about Verizon Email on the web. If you want to use variations of outlook to replace this, this section might help you.
Finding Email when using Outlook and switching machines A little behind the file structure of Outlook
Subtotals and Pivot tables in Excel An Excel problem and solution involving the feline for whom this web site is named
A discussion of embedded music in powerpoint Embedding a wav file in a powerpint demonstration
Using the Windows 7 version of Paint to clone A non artists way of cloning images
A presentation about computer security Perhaps we were snooping in your area
From DSL to a internal network Not recommended, but trying additional networking on a DSL line
A few words about Ubuntu John Hopkins weighs in with a few words about Ubuntu
A few more words about Ubuntu John Hopkins weighs in with a few more words about Ubuntu
A few words about DSL Looking at filters for phone jacks when using DSL
File Structure used for your desktop As mentioned in Marc Rauer's class, Desktop is a folder and we describe it here for XP users
Interesting application of Word 2007 and a tutorial on an application of Building Blocks Another example used in class to show some of the newer features of Word 2007. A tutorial that shows how you can interact wth the pre-set templates in Headers - new to this version of Word - is also included at the end
Amber gets her computer We use the need of adobe photoshop to discuss computer memory
Using javascript to even out images Resolving problems with strips of images of various heights
Definitions pertaining to choices of Internet services Trying to sort out the (mis)information of connecting to the internet.
Addendum to the first problem lecture in Excel for Spring'10 CIS103 classes Continuation of a lecture in a first problem in Excel. We tackle the If function, absolute vs relational addressing and bracketing
Updating a new copy of Vista on a machine Vista is several years old at this point and a version from Fall'06 may need some individual attention
A demonstration of networking - to be finished An adjunct to a demonstration scheduled for Marc Rauer's class

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